• Dennis N. Ocholla Editor-in-Chief, SAJLIS


Dear SAJLIS Readers, It is our pleasure, once again, to present the final issue of South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science, Vol. 68 No. 2, which contains valuable articles on a variety of current themes on Library and Information Science in general and relevant to South Africa in particular. In the previous issue (Volume 68, No 1) the coverage was largely focused on knowledge management indigenous knowledge systems and information seeking. We are delighted that one students article, based on completed masters research, has been positively reviewed for inclusion in this issue. Furthermore, it is important to note that we managed to obtain 25% contributions on reflective practice to be included as part of the Journal policy. Although we initially expected to continue publishing 80 pages in each issue as was done the previous issue, this will not be possible in the current and following issues owing to financial constraints facing LIASA that can currently afford only two issues of 48 pages each per volume (annually). We apologise to those contributors who expected their articles to appear in this issue. We do, however, promise to include them in the next issue, SAJLIS 69(1) due in June 2003. This issue reflects valuable contributions on information seeking and retrieval and information policy and also contributions of a general nature that include a conference report and a book review. Please be reminded that the mainstream articles in the Journal qualify for SAPSE subsidy accordingly.