• Dennis N. Ocholla Editor-in-Chief, SAJLIS


During L1ASA's conference in Polokwane a new team of L1ASAoffice bearers were elected. We wish to congratulate Tommy Matthee (new L1ASAPresident) and his team for their election to lead L1ASAfor the next term. We also wish to convey our deep condolences to the bereaved family of the late Christie Theron of UNISA, whom we all miss in the LIS profession in South Africa. The previous issues of SAJLlShave received positive feedback. According to a study by Darch and Underwood, where a list of journals included in the lSI/DOE and IBSSranked by indexing intensity/citation count is represented, SAJLlSis ranked number 42 of 100 journals. There are of course several factors influencing this ranking, e.g. quality of publications, number of research articles/issues annually, readership, and the legacy of previous volumes of SAJLlS.This large issue, of eight research papers and four articles under General Contributions, focuses on evaluation of research quality in LIS, information retrieval, website development, public libraries, parliamentary information services, human resources management in libraries, LIS education and training, and mergers of higher education institutions and how they affect information services in the research section. Under general contributions is an article by the late Christie Theron and also three book reviews.