Journal of Hospital Librarianship. Haworth Press, Inc.

  • Monica Moodley Principal Librarian, Wentworth Hospital Medical Library, KwaZulu-Natal,


TheJournal of Hospital Librarianship is the only journal dedicated to hospitallibrarianship. It was first published in 200 I and enjoys a measureof successwith a subscriber baseof more than 400 individualsand institutions, particularly in the United States where hospital libraries are commonplace. A hospital library is essentially a library located within a hospital environment and serves medical, nursing and paramedical staff by assisting with patient care in terms of diagnosis, treatment and management. This journal fulfils a vital support function for hospital librarians, who have had little opportunity to addresstheir problems and challenges.The main reason for this is that, their work environments result in them usuallybeing usually"one-person" libraries.


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