Are enterprise portals - knowledge management?

  • Marian Cloete University of Pretoria, Department of Information Science
  • Retha MMM Snyman University of Pretoria, Department of Information Science
Keywords: Knowledge management, enterprise portal, culture


knowledge on the other. Enterprise portals (EPs) are seen as the antidote to these problems by becoming more and more the ultimate knowledge management (KM) tool. The current hype about EPs is focused on their application as KM tools. Very little attention is given to other aspects of KM, namely the organizational, human and cultural aspects. The articfe will provide an overview of the technical and strategic relationship between EPs and KM and illustrate that EPs are only the technology component and should not be mistaken for the essence of KM. What are needed for successful KM in an organisation are not technology alone, but also a knowledge-sharing culture, knowledge-sharing policies, organizotional processes, performance measurement and business strategies.


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