Alumni perceptions of a post graduate Information and LibraryScience Education programme at the University of Natal, South Africa

  • C. Stilwell Information Studies, School of Human and Social Studies, University of Natal


A survey of alumni perceptions of a post graduate programme in Information and Library Science. the B.Bibl. Honours. at the University of Natal. South Africa is described. Module content and apprapriateness are reviewed in relation to demands of the workplace. Alumni views on delivery and assessment methods are interrogated as are requirements in terms of continuing education. Critical issues in ILS education are identified, for example. balancing a human-centred approach with Information and Communication Technology competencies in the networked age. Reference is made to Information Management and Knowledge Management. Findings suggest that the Programme has broadly attained its anticipated outcomes in preparing alumni for the workplace and that to some extent a balance between the various considerations outlined in the literature had been achieved.


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