Interlibrary loan and document delivery in the larger academic library, Lee Andrew Hilyer

  • Anita Visser Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, University of Cape Town


An Interlibrary Loan Department has the potential of turning a library into a very large one indeed - provided it runs efficiently. In constructing the best practice for any Interlibrary Loan (ILL) department, it is imperative that those responsible for laying down and implementing the policy in terms of which it is run, should be aware of the possible solutions that exist in ILL departments. A comparative approach, quite simply, savesone from re-inventing the wheel and ensures that the latest developments e.g. regarding electronic requesting elsewhere can immediately be implemented in one's own environment. Lee Hilyer is enormously experienced in ILL operations and he shareshis expertise in this book, which he offers as "a desk reference/practical handbook for library staff new to Interlibrary Loans", although he adds "veteran users may also benefit from some of the suggestionsand examples provided" (Preface: xv).


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