Key performance areas and indicators perceived to be critical for Information Science roles in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Kagiso Mabe University of Johannesburg
  • Kelvin Bwalya University of Johannesburg


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has changed the rules of competition, resulting in organisations needing new and improved business strategies. The execution of these strategies is critical to organisational success. One way of ensuring that employees execute strategies optimally is by developing key performance areas (KPAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs). This study focused on the IKM related departments or teams. Thus, the study aimed to determine KPAs and KPIs needed by IKM teams for success in the 4IR. To fulfil the aim of the study, the researchers took on a Delphi study where experts participated in two rounds of data collection. One was to identify the KPAs and KPIs necessary for IKM teams, and the second was to get the experts to share their thoughts on each other's views regarding KPAs and KPIs necessary for success in the 4IR. The experts identified 54 KPAs and 33 KPIs in total. Individual organisations should undertake further research to determine whether they help them achieve optimum success. Furthermore, there is a need to decide whether they need to update the existing KPAs and KPIs or not.
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