Scopus or Web of Science for a bibliometric profile of pharmacy research at a Nigerian university?

Nelius Boshoff, Moses A. Akanmu


Previous comparisons between Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) paid little attention to universities in African countries. This study investigated the effect of using different data sources on the bibliometric profile of Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, focusing on the Faculty of Pharmacy for the period 1990-2013. In addition to data from Scopus and WoS, the analysis included articles from the curriculum vitae (CVs) of the faculty staff. The combined dataset (Scopus, WoS and CV data) provided answers to the central question: What differences can be observed in the bibliometric profile of research when comparing the Scopus and WoS output to the total article output? Although Scopus and WoS differed in size, the results of each showed a similar pattern. Notable differences were found with regard to indicators of research collaboration. WoS in particular appeared to be biased towards international collaboration. Additional sources of articles (beyond WoS and Scopus) are required to assess adequately research performance at faculty level for a university in a developing country. The quality aspect of those additional sources cannot be ignored.


Africa; Collaboration; Pharmacy; Research; Scopus; Web of Science

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