Assessment of use and quality of library services, accessibility and facilities by students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

  • Deborah Becker CPUT
  • Hillary Hartle CPUT
  • Gugu Mhlauli CPUT
Keywords: academic libraries, service satisfaction, library facilities, library services


The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of library services and facilities by students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and, in particular, gather feedback with regards to service satisfaction, accessibility and use of facilities. The investigation, carried out in March 2015, was based on a triangulation approach including surveys, informal interviews and an observation study. A total of 394 students responded to the survey. Their opinions supported information gathered from other surveys and available statistics. The results indicated that, although demand for some services such as circulation and reference transactions are decreasing, the number of visits to library facilities is increasing. While students prefer using online resources, they still choose face-to-face interaction with library staff as their first choice of contact, followed by email. Information literacy training, seen as essential by librarians, is rated as ‘least important’ by respondents. It was revealed that, although students show little interest in following the library on social media, they indicate a growing need for online tutorials and a growing use of library LibGuides. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that the services provided by staff are seen as important and students tend to use the library mainly for individual study, research, and group study. The study supported the fact that the changes made to library spaces and services are meeting the demands of library users, although there is still room for improvement.

Author Biographies

Deborah Becker, CPUT
Librarian: Quality Assurance and Library Research Support
Hillary Hartle, CPUT
Marketing Librarian
Gugu Mhlauli, CPUT
Assistant Librarian: Quality Assurance


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