• Jaya Raju


Yet again, SAJLIS has been timeous in releasing its twice-yearly issue of the journal this was despite the intervening festive period. Thank you to the Journal Management Team, reviewers and authors for working through this period to ensure the timeous release of issue 79(2) of the journal. In the second half of 2013, SAJLIS received fifteen manuscripts for consideration for publication. The online management of the journal, via the Online Journal System (OJS), ensured a relatively quick turnaround time in terms of the review process making it possible for all fifteen manuscripts to be processed by December 2013 so that the issue could be released by the target date of January 2014. Due to stringent application of the journals editorial policy and peer review process, only a third (33%) of the fifteen manuscripts made it to the publication stage, ensuring that the quality of the journal is maintained. It is indeed pleasing to observe that there is practitioner input in this issue.This closing issue for 2013 includes contributions on citation analysis of online legal information sources, the adoption of e-books in academic libraries, public library usage during times of economic recession, research support and academic libraries, and academic library services provision for individuals with visual impairment and in wheelchairs.