Influence of information availability and utilization on decision-making of managers in large-scale manufacturing industries in Nigeria

  • S. O. Popoola Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Keywords: Information availability, information utilization, managers, manufacturing industries, Nigeria


This paper focuses on the influence of information availability and utilization on decision-making of managers in largescale manufacturing industries in Nigeria. Quota sampling with equal allocation method is used to select 650 managers from the 13 large-scale manufacturing industries that are quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange out of which 580 responded. The response rate achieved was 89.2 percent. The study found that information availability and information utilization simultaneously do significantly influence decision-making of the respondents (F = 28.98, df = 2; 577, p < 0.05); and that information availability (b = 0.5228, df = 577, T = 8.08, p < 0.05) and information utilization (b = 0.7432, df = 577, T = 12.47, P < 0.05) each independently has significant influence on decision-making of the respondents. Nevertheless, the study found that there is a significant multiple relationship between information availability, information utilization and decision-making of the managers in the large-scale manufacturing industries in Nigeria (R = 0.8386, P < 0.05). The study recommends that the board of management in these industries should make wide range of relevant information resources available for use of managers in their decision-making. And those managers must intensify their efforts in making intensive use of information in their decision-making.
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