• Jaya Raju Editor-in-Chief: South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science & Associate Professor, Library and Information Studies Centre, University of Cape Town


SAJLIS is pleased at this punctual release of its first issue for 2013. This, together with maintaining a high standard of quality in both the content and presentation of the journal, bodes well for its continued accreditation by the DoHET (Department of Higher Education and Training), for meeting compliance conditions to be hosted on the recently launched open access journal platform SciELO-SA, as well as for its aspirations for inclusion in at least one of the international journal accreditation lists, application to which SAJLIS is embarking on shortly. This position is strengthened by the recent announcement by SAJLIS of its Editorial Advisory Board which was reviewed in view of the new format (online and open access) of the journal as well as the need to reflect both practitioner and scholarly input. The announcement of the revised list of Editorial Advisory Board members, which has a strong African and international presence and which was approved by the Representative Council of LIASA in May 2013, was met, nationally, with positive sentiment. A strong indication of the quality standards pursued by SAJLIS, via its editorial policy and peer review process, is that out of a total of almost sixteen manuscripts submitted to the journal between January and June 2013, less than a third of this total made it to the stage of publication the rest were either rejected or fell into to the category of revise and re-submit for review?. This rejection rate? of nearly 70% is very much in keeping with international trends in rejection rates among quality journals.