An evaluation of the information architecture of the UCT Library web site

  • Susan H Mvungi University of Cape Town
  • Karin De Jager University of Cape Town
  • Peter G Underwood University of Cape Town
Keywords: Information architecture, usability testing, card sorting


Web users are becoming more critical of the web sites they use. This paper evaluates the information architecture of the academic library web site at the University of Cape Town with more of a focus on the usability testing of the University web site. Two approaches to evaluation were completed to evaluate the library web site. Firstly, a formal usability test was conducted with five users to establish the required site structure and to identify any possible problems with the usability of the site. Secondly, a closed card sort analysis with ten participants was completed in order to establish the required site structure and terminology for the potential web site re-design. It was found that the library had a generally usable web site. The site however exhibited a few problems with the terminology used; the navigation design; and issues relating to identifying specific information. This study presents recommendations to handle the aforementioned problems. The study also encourages continual web site evaluation.
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