Information literacy for tertiary education students in Africa, Ayoku A Ojedokun

  • Peter G. Underwood Professor of Librarianship1, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Keywords: Information literacy, Ayoku A Ojedokun


So often when reviewing one feels the need to bewail the lack of locally-produced works that tackle the important topics covered by the text under discussion; "How sad", one writes, "that this information cannot be produced in a form that reflects our circumstances!" As far as information literacy is concerned, there have been several introductory textbooks produced by local authors which have been well-received and are in use as main readings for the training of professional information workers and for general information literacy courses. Dr Ayoku Ojedokun has used his wide experience at the Kenneth Dike Library of the University of Ibadan and the Library of the University of Botswana to produce a text that can safely be added to this number.
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