How to use fuzzy set theory to select a library manager

  • Murat Yilmaz Department of Information and Documentation Management, Faculty of Letters, Istanbul Universitesi,Bilgi ve Belge, Yonetimi Bolumu, Edibiyat Fakultesi
Keywords: Fuzzy set theory, Library manager, Decision-making, OWA operator


The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to select a library manager using fuzzy set theory. For this purpose, we first designate the set of professional criteria, which a library manager must meet, as (a1,a2,a3,...,an). Secondly, we assign the weights, (uj), representing the relative importance of each criterion, which are fuzzy numbers in the unit interval [0,1], to these professional criteria. Thirdly, we determine the extent to which the library manager candidates satisfy these criteria as (bj), which are also fuzzy numbers in the unit interval [0,1]. Fourthly, we combine the candidates' degrees of professional ability using an aggregator known as the OWA operator. As a result of this combination, the most desirable candidate is the one with the highest score, which is a fuzzy number in the unit interval [0,1].
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